onedoorcar 1

Here’s a novel compact concept drawn up by Russian company Lab Createrics – a vehicle that’s shorter than the already tiny smart fortwo, but seats four. It also only has one door, very much in the same vein as an armoured fighting vehicle (AFV)

Tagged as the One Door Car, the concept is an innovative solution proposed by its inventor, Alexander Malyshev, who goes by the name Alexander Createric. Essentially, it’s a box on wheels, measuring in at 2.5 metres long, the same length as the W450 first-gen fortwo, but shorter than the second-gen fortwo, which is 2.695 metres long.

The ODC is 2.1 metres tall and 2.1 metres wide, significantly taller and wider than a X166 second-gen Mercedes-Benz GL Class, for example. The Russian concept, its designer says, “provides more effective usage of road, comfortable access to passenger compartment and increased safety in comparison with modern cars.”

onedoorcar 2

The mock-up view presents a vehicle with a steel safety cage and 12 airbags, with the chosen powertrain residing under the rear seats. The rear occupants sit facing each other, not unlike those in an AFV, and in case of an emergency, egress can be had through the windows, so it goes.

The platform can be stretched to become a six-seater, enlarging the length footprint to 3.4 metres, which is still shorter than many compacts. No mention of how far the development has evolved, and whether prototypes are running, but you won’t miss the sight of one if it’s around, for sure. Lego cube, anyone?