The new unidentified variant of Volkswagen Polo hatchback that we first sighted at JPJ Putrajaya has been seen again. While the first car we saw was white, this time the car has a red paint job. As previously pointed out, changes include the lack of an exhaust tailpipe on the rear, no TSI badging, and the word ‘Volkswagen’ spelled out on the left side of the tail gate.


We’re still unsure of what specs this Polo will have. The lack of TSI badging could mean either a normally aspirated 1.2 litre three-cylinder, a normally-aspirated 1.4 litre or the same normally-aspirated 1.6 litre engine in the 2014 VW Polo Sedan. Since our first sighting of this car showed an automatic gear shifter in the interior, the gearbox should be a six-speed torque converter automatic.

Could this car be one of the models that Volkswagen will be showcasing at KLIMS13?