Perodua_Buddyz_Concept_ 012

Whether you like it or not, there are plenty of valid reasons why the Perodua Buddyz Concept sedan looks the way it does – as explained to us by its Chief Designer here. Most important of all is usable space, particularly that in the boot. So the burning question is, just how big is the sedan’s luggage compartment?

Massive. Absolutely massive. As shown to us in an exclusive demonstration at KLIMS13 yesterday, the Buddyz Concept’s impressively tall and deep cargo area can hold an astounding amount of luggage bags. While the absolute volume can’t be disclosed just yet (just know that it’s over 450 litres), the pictures below speak for themselves.

Perodua is known for its compact hatchbacks. As practical as they are when the seats are folded down, there’s always an issue of boot space when you’re travelling full-up, be it for a weekend getaway or for a balik kampung trip. This, then, is the local carmaker’s solution to that problem.

“We understand the needs and requirements of our customers, which is why we’ve decided to design this car from the ground up. Sure, taking an existing design would have been easier, but it wouldn’t meet the customers’ and by extension, our desires. Locals know the local needs best,” said the car’s Chief Designer, Muhamad Zamuren Musa.

Well then, is it any more attractive to you now?