Mitsubishi Concept AR 03

The Mitsubishi Concept AR keeps to a design that’s simple, soft and clear of ‘meaningless features’. The spacious cabin also give generous room for three seating patterns for up to six occupants. The cabin also features a Crystal Lighted Roof from the centre that throws soft illumination via indirect lighting.

Perhaps it is more prudent to explain the Concept AR first. It is an MPV and it isn’t a PHEV like the other two debutants. But it is a mild hybrid system powered by a lightweight Belt Start Generator (BSG) which comprises a 1.1-litre inline 3-cylinder direct-injection turbocharged MIVIC mated to a low-output BSG torque circuit. The drivetrain is complete when the CVT transmission comes into the picture.

In the rear lies a 48 V lithium-ion battery and air-cooled DC-DC converter that instantly restarts the engine after an idle-stop and big torquey goodness under acceleration. As with any other hybrids we know and love, the motor recovers kinetic energy during regenerative braking and drive the AC compressor when the engine is turned off. All to promote better fuel economy, of course.