Bosch’s new eClutch system might just be the best thing for enthusiast drivers since sliced bread. The eClutch system is an electrically-operated clutch for manual cars, or ‘clutch by wire’ if you like. Having a manual car clutch that can be automatically controlled in certain situations has its benefits.

Firstly, no more killing your left foot in traffic jams. The eClutch system will control the clutch in heavy stop and go traffic, allowing drivers to start off from rest in first or second gear without stalling or jerking. Your manual car magically becomes an automatic.

Of course, we doubt it’ll be as smooth as a torque converter automatic, and will probably feel closer to automated manual or ‘AMT’ gearboxes, but still, imagine a world where a car is automatic during jams and becomes a 100% three pedal car on B-roads.

The eClutch system will also allow automatic coasting on highways when the throttle is closed, so you don’t have to press the clutch pedal or shift to neutral manually.