If you’ve been paying attention to Malaysian news, you would have read that consumers will have to brace for a hike in electricity rates in January 2014. Unless you live in a condo with a strata title, we should all be paying for electricity under Tariff A – Domestic Tariff. Tenaga Nasional have revised both the price bands as well as the price per kWh. The new rates are shown above.

You might be thinking what has this to do with motorists. Well, since electric cars are now officially here in Malaysia, electricity prices are as much as a concern as fuel prices for owners of these cars. We decided to have a look at how much extra an owner of an electric car such as the Mitsubishi i-MiEV or the Nissan Leaf would be paying under the new rates.

We’ll base our calculators on the experiences of our contributor Daniel Yap with the Nissan Leaf pilot programme, where he drove a Nissan Leaf as a daily driver over a period of six weeks. Over the six weeks he had with the car, he traveled a total of 1,785 km, or about 42.5 km per day. For all that, he consumed 361.4 kWh of electricity to recharge the car.

Nissan LEAF - 10072012 - _78

That translates to just under 5 km per kWh, or 4.94 km per kWh to be more precise. Based on the old tariff’s highest price bracket which is 45.4 sen per kWh, he basically spent RM164.08 over the period of six weeks charging the car. At that tariff, the price per km is about 9.2 sen per km.

The new tariff is 57.10 sen per kWh. That translates to 11.42 sen per km. So the same 1,785 km would have cost him RM203.85 instead of RM164.08.

So how much more would you have to pay for electricity per month for your Nissan Leaf based on the new tariff? This assumes the same driving pattern that Daniel used of course.

Mileage Old Tariff (9.2 sen per km) New Tariff (11.42 sen per km)
1,000 km per month RM92.00 RM114.20
2,000 km per month RM184.00 RM228.40
3,000 km per month RM276.00 RM342.60
4,000 km per month RM368.00 RM456.80
5,000 km per month RM460.00 RM571.00

Daniel, who coincidentally owns a VW Golf TSI, says that based on a similiar driving style with how he drove the Leaf, the VW would consume 11.63 litres per 100 km. That would be 232.6 litres per month, or RM488.46. The gap between electric and Golf TSI is a difference of RM260 per month.

So yes, are you considering an electric car, and has the recent electricity tariff announcement made you rethink your decision? Share your thoughts in the comments.