Silence may be golden, but not in this case – there’s no better way to showcase an electric vehicle with sounding things up, as is the case with Volkswagen and how it chose to focus attention on its first production EV, the e-up! city car.

An example was fitted with hidden loudspeakers as it made its way through the Swedish capital of Stockholm. Vocalist and beatbox artist Fatih Sahin sat in the rear seat of the e-up! and surprised passersby with some rather humorous imitations of driving noise.

The drive through Stockholm triggered a great deal of attention from onlookers, to say the least; buskers even spontaneously accompanied the 60 kW e-up! on its journey with guitar and flute. The video, called The streets sound different. e-mobility by Volkswagen, was produced by DDB Tribal interactive, and derived its inspiration from the Think Blue. mobility initiative.