Google has released their annual Google Zeitgeist report for 2013, which reveals search trends by Malaysian web surfers for the year. Each report is customised for each country and since Malaysians love their cars, our report shows the top trending searches for cars on Google Malaysia for the year.

Just to clarify what ‘trending’ means – it means search terms that saw the largest increase in searches over the past year, as opposed to ‘most searched for’.

  1. Proton Suprima
  2. Proton Saga SV
  3. Nissan Almera
  4. Kia Cerato
  5. Toyota Vios
  6. Kia Rio
  7. Peugeot 208
  8. Proton Preve
  9. Ford Kuga
  10. Lamborghini Veneno

As usual, the top searched car is a Proton, traditionally the Proton launch of the car. Last year it was the Proton Preve and this year two Proton cars came up tops – the Proton Suprima and the Proton Saga SV.

The Nissan Almera made it to the list again this year as the king of the non-national makes, a position it was in last year as well. To be a top trending search two years in a year is an achievement – by the definition of ‘trending’ by Google, it means interest in the Almera spiked again this year after its debut late last year.

Curious about what car topped the list the past two years? Check out Zeitgeist 2012 and Zeitgeist 2011.