The National Automotive Policy (NAP 2014) that was announced today did not mention any details on the introduction of Euro 4 (or Euro 4M, as it is called here) petrol and diesel fuel in Malaysia. We understand that studies are still undergoing and a timeframe for deployment will only be announced in two months time.

Euro 4 fuel is integral in the new Energy Efficient Vehicles (EEV) incentives policy, as the EEV classification that was revealed today is only the first version of the table. The EEV classification – which comes into effect immediately – calls for a minimum fuel efficiency that needs to be met based on how heavy a car is.

The next version of the EEV classification will include CO2 emission specifications as well – however, that needs to wait until Euro 4 fuel is implemented. At present, CO2 emission specs cannot be introduced as our Euro 2M fuel will result in higher CO2 emissions compared to the same engine running on Euro 4 grade fuel.

Even the many diesel engine powered cars introduced in Malaysia, as fuel efficient as they may be, need to have a system called a diesel particulate filter removed, which actually increases the amount of pollutants emitted.