This Daihatsu Ayla was sighted by reader Json at Cameron Highlands. There are minimal disguises on this car, with the front simply having the Daihatsu badge removed. As for the rear, if this is the same car that has been previously spotted (same B3598A plate), the Daihatsu badge is taped over with a simple white tape.

It has been speculated that Perodua will be building its next car on the Daihatsu Ayla’s platform. This new car will be pretty much a Viva replacement, although Perodua says that it will not replace the Viva in its line-up. We think that the Viva will soldier on as a low cost model sold only with barebones spec, while this new car will slot in between the basic Viva and the Myvi.

We wonder how far along the development has come, as all we’ve seen on the road so far has been this minimally taped up Ayla. Since Perodua will be putting its own body on a licensed platform, a prototype of the actual Perodua car should be wearing heavy disguise once it hits the roads. The only small car we’ve sighted on test constantly is the Proton GSC.

Perodua refers to it as the Global Energy Efficient Vehicle (EEV) for now, although we’ve also seen the word GMA used, which stands for Global Model A Segment. It showcased an interior at last year’s KLIMS13 called the GMA Space Concept. It’s the image on the left shown above, and we’ve put the Daihatsu Ayla’s interior on the right for reference. As you can see, the design is quite similiar although there are minor variations. This further reinforces the “Perodua based on Ayla” theory.

Earlier this month, we discovered that Perodua had registered the trademark Axia with MyIPO and described it as the name for a vehicle. Could the Daihatsu Ayla (and its Toyota Agya sibling) be joined by a Perodua Axia soon? Perodua president and CEO Datuk Aminar Rashid Salleh confirmed to the media that Perodua had submitted the name to MyIPO however clarified that Axia was not the only name submitted.

What we know about the new model so far is that it is Perodua’s “first transformation model”, the first fruit of the company’s efforts to transform and adapt to the new automotive ecosystem, where competition is rising for local players. The new model will roll out from the Perodua Global Manufacturing plant, which is currently under construction at a plot next to P2?s existing factory.