audi scoreboard

More in the way of World Cup-related automotive activity. Things are definitely heating up in the 20th edition of the tournament, and carmakers have been getting into the act too, especially so to get US audiences going.

Kia came up with a theme involving the talent of Brazilian model Adriana Lima, and now, here’s one from Audi. The automaker has come up with a very bright idea in the form of the Audi LED Scoreboard.

The display isn’t regular fare – the LEDs are provided by the headlights of 28 Audi A8 sedans, all housed in a fixture made up of 45 shipping containers. The headlights from the cars make up the LED scoreboard digital clusters, projecting the score from matches.

Visible from kilometres away, the huge installation has been placed on the shoreline near Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Active since the US team’s first match, New Yorkers –- and even those coming in on a flight – will be able to keep track of results right to the end of the tournament via the LED scoreboard.