More updates on the Proton Design Competition 2014 – the automaker has come up with a set of pointers for contestants based on the guiding principles that the judging panel will be looking out for. The intention is of course to help contestants make their submissions notable.

UPDATE: The Proton Design Competition 2014 closing date has been extended by a week, from August 11 to August 18.

1. Originality
This can be closely linked to creativity. We would like to see designs with originality, standing out from the rest of the submissions. The designs you produce should be new and fresh but at the same time creative, as it is the ultimate criteria in the development of products. Most importantly, they must be able to establish Proton’s lasting image and able to sway a buying decision in Proton’s favour.

2. Innovation
In this context, it focuses on the ability to show insights into good design, and to innovate from both existing concepts and ideas or to come up with completely new thoughts. This can be related to any element of a vehicle, from powertrain to exterior and interior design.

For this competition, we are looking at fresh ideas that can capture the imagination. These should put things in a different perspective and deliver out-of-the-box solutions that are of the benefit to users.

3. Aesthetics
In the context of this competition, it refers to the elements of proportion, surface, stance and detail. Car design relies upon the perfection of those four elements to fulfil the harmony that is not only beautiful, but also engaging, to the consumer.

Therefore for this competition we are looking for an aesthetically pleasing design that will attract people to want, own and talk about. It shouldn’t just be about form and function, but also generate a positive emotional connection.

4. Presentation
Presenting an idea is just as, if not more, important than the idea itself. As such, please make sure that the designs you submit follow the criteria that we have stated in the rules and regulations. As much as possible, ensure that the overall view is clear, clean and eye catching using any artistic medium. Most importantly, impress us with the creativity in your design.

The Proton Design Competition 2014 is a challenge to budding designers to come up with a vision of a Proton City Car for 2020. The contest is divided into two categories – Category 1, for individuals within the ages of 13-17 and Category 2, for individuals within the ages of 18-25. Group entries are not allowed, and only Malaysians with a valid Malaysian identity card can take part.

All participants are required to submit an exterior outlook of their designs on an A3-sized paper, inclusive of 3/4 front view, side view and rear view perspectives. The renderings can be made in any colour. Category 2 participants, remember you are also required to design the interior outlook of the car.

Our man Jonathan Lee had a go at it, and the rendering above is his Proton City Car for 2020. Think you can do better? Enter now and stand a chance to win prizes worth a total of RM58,000 including cash rewards, MacBooks, an internship at Proton’s R&D Creative Design Centre and even getting your design immortalised as a quarter-scale model displayed at the Proton Gallery.

Visit Proton’s Facebook page for contest details, terms and conditions. Be quick about it – submissions close August 11, 2014!