Honda Jazz Mugen Kit- 5

So, the 2014 Honda Jazz has finally launched in Malaysia. Thinking of getting one? Well, so are over 500 people so far, so you’re gonna want yours to stand out a little, won’t you? Fret not, for Honda Malaysia has aesthetic answers in the form of the Modulo and Mugen packages.

The Modulo package gives you a bodykit with sports pedals for an extra RM2,650, while the Mugen package, offered for the first time here on a Jazz, gives you a bodykit, tailgate spoiler and Mugen emblem for an additional RM4,900.

At the launch event this morning, Modulo- and Mugen-equipped Jazzes were on display – both E-grade variants. The Modulo car sports a moustache-like two-tone grille. The two-tone treatment carries through to the side skirts and rear bumper, creating a sort of ‘floating’ look.

Honda Jazz Modulo Kit- 1

It also wears items not mentioned in the package – door visors, side step illumination (which you get as part of the RM1,250 Utility package), a spoiler and striking Modulo wheels.

The Mugen machine features a pretty mean-looking diffuser-like element on its rear bumper, and rides on eight-spoke Mugen wheels, which are also presumably for display purposes. This car is fitted with the RM3,220 optional navigation system, a third-party unit co-developed with Honda Malaysia.

2014 Honda Jazz 1.5 E with Modulo package

2014 Honda Jazz 1.5 E with Mugen package