If you check out the Promotions section on Honda Malaysia’s website and click through to the Merdeka Bonus promo, you’ll notice something interesting. There are two different versions of the Accord 2.4 listed.

The normal Accord 2.4 has a RM3,000 Merdeka bonus but there’s another Accord 2.4 with the suffix “FMC Enhanced” that only has a Merdeka bonus of RM1,000. This piqued our interest, and a few readers sent in enquiries to our mailbox asking what this FMC Enhanced meant as well.

Upon checking with a few sources, including Honda sales advisors, we found that Honda Malaysia is in the midst of upgrading the top of the line Honda Accord with curtain airbags bringing the total airbag count to six, up from the current four. This would bring the top-of-the-line Accord’s safety package in line with the rest of the lineup, as the City and Jazz can both be had with six airbags (here’s a comparison of all three).

This would be a good move by Honda Malaysia. From what we understand, there are limited units of the older model left, so for those who feel they can make do with four airbags, there’s the additional RM2,000 discount (the RM3,000 versus RM1,000 mentioned above).

A formal announcement is said to be due sometime next week. We’ll know then if there are any changes to the price of the 2.4 litre variant with the additional airbags. In the meanwhile, have a detailed look at the specs and equipment of the current Honda Accord at