So which engine technology saves more fuel – modern downsized turbo, hybrid or just plain lightweight? That’s what we’ll find out in this episode of Driven Web Series, powered by the new Petronas Primax95, with Advanced Energy Formula. The goal? Get to the top of Genting Highlands with just RM10 worth of fuel.

Championing the downsized, forced-induction route is the new Ford Fiesta Ecoboost. It has a tiny 1.0 litre engine – voted the International Engine of the Year for three years running now, no less – and yet it boasts the biggest outputs here at 125 PS and 170 Nm. It’s also a Ford, so it’s quite a car to drive too, of course.

Next up is the Honda Jazz Hybrid. Part internal combustion engine, part electric motor, hybrid technology is widely seen as the magic formula to save fuel. The electrified Jazz pairs an 88 hp/121 Nm 1.3 litre engine with a 14 hp/78 Nm electric motor. Problem is, all the complicated hardware comes at a price – heavy weight.

And that’s where the Mitsubishi Attrage comes in. Nothing fancy here, just the plain old lightweight route, with a small 1.2 litre three-pot with just 79 hp and 106 Nm of torque, through a CVT transmission. While the other two blow way past the 1,000 kg mark, the Mitsu comes in at a flyweight 905 kg. Can simplicity trump complexity?

So, Ford Fiesta EcoBoost vs Jazz Hybrid vs Mitsubishi Attrage. Which will it be, then? Watch the episode to find out :)