Perodua_Axia_Standard_Launch_ 001

Initial bookings for the new Perodua Axia have hit 13,500 units – a record high for the manufacturer, as of September 15, according to Perodua president and CEO Datuk Aminar Rashid. Not surprising when you consider the fact that the order books are chalking up around 500-600 bookings a day since order-taking began on the morning of August 19.

Perodua is projecting the final sales figure for the Axia to amount to 30,000 units by the end of this year. Out of the six available variants, the mid-spec Standard G variant with the manual and automatic transmission form the bulk of the orders – around 50% split between two transmission options. The AV, or Advance variant, along with the basic Standard E variant make up for 16%-17% of the remaining total orders with the other variants filling up the rest.

Bookings for the base Standard E have exceeded P2’s expectations; driving schools are placing orders

Driving schools have also taken an interest in the new Axia – with one school placing a fleet order for the Standard E variant, with more set to follow over the next one or two years. With the Standard E variant coming without a radio and speakers, some may assume that only driving schools would order the car with this specification but customers apparently are interested as well, with the Standard E variant having 16% of orders for the base car as opposed to Perodua’s own projection of 4%-5% for said spec.

The waiting period for the new Axia has been pegged at a maximum of two months – best case scenario, from the date of order. As of now, customers will have to wait for around a month and a half before taking deliveries of their car. Read more about the specifications of the new Perodua Axia here and have a look at our story of the launch event.