According to a Bernama report, the Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) has stated that vehicle sales have risen, albeit marginally, from 51,106 units to 51,125 in the same period last year.

Commercial vehicle sales increased from 6,052 units to 6,227 while passenger vehicle sales took a dip to 44,898 units from 45,054 when compared to records from August 2013. The association stated that, on a year-to-date record, the total industry volume sales rose 2.7% from 433,025 units to 444,534.

Output for both commercial and passenger vehicles were recorded at 43,784 units, an increase from 37,548 units in August last year. For passenger vehicles, the total output figure is 39,847 units against 33,579 while commercial vehicles were charted at 3,937 units from 3,789 in the same month last year.