The news that five Uber drivers have been caught by the Road Transport Department (JPJ) is just the beginning. Malay Mail reports that JPJ will continue its crackdown on drivers and cars affilated to the personal driver app, which has been growing in popularity with urbanites.

“We managed to catch five cars on the first day of our operation but we are facing some hiccups as we are unable to access the Uber application. We suspect Uber has made its low-cost UberX private driver service unavailable to new customers,” said Datuk Seri Ismail Ahmad, JPJ’s director-general.

Despite the hiccup, the department suspects that Uber services are still available for loyal customers.

“RTD will continue the crackdown. We are working on countering their blocking methods. We know they are still providing the service to their loyal customers but are unable to estimate how many are still on the streets,” Ismail added.

Earlier this week, five Uber drivers were involved in JPJ’s operasi. One was a private vehicle while the others were commercial hire-and-drive cars. The lone ranger had his Honda Accord seized for 30 days pending investigation, and could be facing a possible fine of up to RM10,000 and a prison sentence. Documents of the four other cars were confiscated for further investigation by SPAD.

Uber has been on a collision course with public transport regulators and taxi operators in many cities across the globe – KL isn’t the only roadblock it’s facing. What do we think of this “Uber issue”? Opinion here.