This monster six-door limo is the latest Pullman set to roll out from Mercedes-Benz’s garage, based on the latest W222 series S-Class. It will seat six in luxury in a three row configuration, with the second and third row expected to face each other as it was in the W221-based Pullman Guard.

This will be the longest wheelbase S-Class to be based on the W222, out of an expected four total wheelbase lengths. Two have already been launched – the standard wheelbase and “L” long wheelbase. The latter is available in Malaysia in the form of the S400L Hybrid and S500L.

There is another “extended wheelbase” model that will slot in between the long wheelbase model and this Pullman. You’ll be able to differentiate it from the differently-shaped C-pillar. That one will be the biggest S-Class you can buy without having to resort to six doors.