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Here’s a spyshot feature of a different kind. If the words Ken Block and Gymkhana don’t ring a bell, here’s a quick rundown of what they actually mean to the legion of fans who were responsible for making one of Mr. Block’s videos one of the most viral videos of 2009.

Gymkhana is a form of autocross where the driver wins by negotiating through a sort of obstacle course for cars, with the fastest time and least amount of mistakes earning him/her the win. A typical gymkhana track features cones and tyres, laid out in a manner that’s pretty much designed to give the driver a headache.

Describing it is one thing but to witness a gymkhana driver perform 180° turns, high-speed reversal manoeuvres, slaloms and even 360° spins is something that has to be seen for yourself. With that said, no one does insane gymkhana videos like Ken Block does.

It would seem that he’s not about to put those days behind him. Things are a little different this time because while we have become used to seeing a Monster-liveried Ford Fiesta being thrashed about, Ken Block has decided to take an acid-laced trip down memory lane.

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His new steed? The Hoonicorn RTR, an 845 hp(!) take on a classic Ford Mustang. Power comes courtesy of a 6.7 litre V8 with power going to all four wheels via a Sadev-built six-speed transmission. A rather flamboyant graphic package and over-the-top bodywork ensures its intentions are projected.

No news on when Gymkhana 7 is due but rest assured it will be no less than absolutely spectacular, judging from the amount of GoPro cameras attached to the body of the Hoonicorn RTR. Now excuse me while I grab myself an energy drink and live out my driving fantasies.