You may have heard about it, seen spyshots of it, and even caught the initial teaser on Youtube, but Bentley is keen to remind you that its upcoming SUV is very much alive – unlike updates surrounding the Maserati Levante/Kubang – with another teaser video.

Expected to make its debut in 2016, the new model is set to ride on the MLB Evo platform from the Volkswagen Group and is expected to be powered by a 6.0 litre, twin-turbo W12 engine – with 616 hp and 800 Nm of torque – from the Flying Spur.

The Audi-sourced 4.0 litre, twin-turbo V8 which features in the Continental GT V8 and produces 507 hp and 660 Nm of torque is also expected to serve in the new model. Channeling all that power to all four wheels will likely be the ZF eight-speed auto gearbox.

Affluent tree huggers will be delighted to know that a plug-in hybrid variant is also due to make an appearance in 2017. As for the video itself, only a faint glimpse of the car’s silhouette can be seen – overlapped instead with footage of craftsmen putting the interior together.

One thing is for sure, though. Development of the Bentley SUV is definitely gaining momentum and we can look forward to a battle of epic proportions with the Jaguar’s upcoming SUV in the near future.

GALLERY: Bentley SUV spyshots