Proton_Iriz_Review_ 005

The new Proton Iriz is a very likable car, no doubt about it. We found that it rides and drives beautifully in our full review last month, but there’s no denying that the CVT automatic gearbox’s sub-standard behaviour somewhat spoils the overall appeal of the new B-segment hatchback.

Proton is well aware of this issue, of course, and has since issued a new transmission control unit (TCU) update to improve the CVT’s performance. The software remap is said to result in better throttle response, as well as a more linear and predictable feel (when pulling off from a standstill, especially).

The improvements have already been applied to all Iriz models delivered to customers so far. The fix doesn’t involve any mechanical changes – as it’s just a simple TCU re-flash – so presumably it won’t help with the CVT whine.

We will try to get our hands on an updated test unit soon, and will report on the new differences – if there are any, that is. In the meantime, if you’ve taken delivery of a Proton Iriz with a CVT gearbox, do tell us how it performs in the comments section below.

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