Some months ago, tuning company Brabus announced styling packages for the W205 Mercedes-Benz C-Class, the aftermarket job led by tailor-made bodywork components for the car in standard specification form as well as Avantgarde and Exclusive trim lines.

Now, all model variants can also be dressed up with AMG Line body styling. The new exterior kit features detachable plastic components specially developed for the variant.

At the front, a new splitter – with a central spoiler blade and outer sections shaped like flaps – attaches to the lower part of the AMG Line bumper, while the rear gets a new spoiler and a diffuser-look rear bumper insert to match up with the four chrome tips of the Brabus sports exhaust system.


Other enhancements announced in August for the car are of course available for the AMG Line variant, and there are Brabus Monoblock F, R and Q wheels with diameters of up to 20 inches, Bilstein suspension options, sports springs/exhaust systems and exclusive interiors to pick from.

In terms of engine tuning, the new entry-level package is now the Brabus PowerXtra B18.2, available for the 1.6 litre M 274 DE 16 AL in the C 180 petrol variant. Previously, things began with the PowerXtra B20.2 for the C 200’s 2.0 litre M 274 mill.

The plug-and-play kit for the C 180 offers an extra 20 hp (taking the stock 154 hp to 174 hp) and 50 Nm (from 250 to 300 Nm), and performance specs include a 230 km/h top speed for the tuned-up model.