Toyota has added a new X-Urban variant to the Aqua range in Japan. That’s the JDM Prius c to you and me. This package basically gives the Aqua two-tone crossover styling with matching raised suspension (up 20 mm). An SUV-style option for the Aqua was previewed at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, so it looks like it passed the test for production.

The Toyota Aqua X-Urban gets a unique front grille, side mudguards, roof rails, and bespoke 16-inch aluminium wheels. There are a total of 33 different colour variations thanks to 11 different exterior colours, combined with either bronze, orange or blue hues for the “crossover” bits. There are some enhancements to the new variant’s interior as well, such as model-specific dash trim and combination fabric and leather seat upholstery.

The pre-facelift Prius c is still available in Malaysia, but since it no longer qualifies for hybrid incentives, you’ll have to pay full duties on it, bringing up the price from RM97k in 2013 to RM153k.