Audi A4 3

This is only the second time our spy photographers have seen the next generation Audi A4 with a heavily camo-ed production body – the first was back in October last year where we saw it being driven on roads. Before that, only prototypes wearing the old B8’s body panels were seen.

Today we can show you the next generation A4 testing in the snow, and thank to the gloomy weather the prototype has its headlamps and taillamps on so we can have an idea how the lense graphics will look like. The snow is also a good way to try out the brand’s trademark quattro all-wheel drive.

The camo is still very thick at this moment but we can see styling cues from the latest generation of Audis like the new TT and Q7 in this model. All we can say is that it looks like low-slung sedan bodies carry the new Audi grille much better than big SUVs.

The C-Class has already been updated with an all-new model, while their other rival from Munich is set for a facelift soon. The new A4 can’t come soon enough, perhaps set to make an appearance at the Frankfurt show later this year. Underneath the metal will be the same “MLB evo” platform used by the new Audi Q7, which will reportedly help the A4 shed some weight for better handling, economy and performance.