As reported before, Renault had been working on a smaller and improved electric motor for the 2015 Renault Zoe. That improvement has been officially announced, with the B-segment EV hatch getting an extended all-electric range of 240 km, up from the current car’s 210 km limit.

The best-in-class figure comes courtesy of a new lighter and more compact R240 electric motor and an optimised electronic management system. It features an updated version of the Chameleon charging system too, which now allows up to 10% faster charging from 3 kW and 11 kW points.

Also cut by 10% is the motor’s size, which is a wonder as it boasts a longer driving range and faster charging times. Through integration, downsizing and simplification, the ancillary Power Electronic Controller is now 25% smaller too. The total power output of 65 kW and torque of 220Nm stays as before.