As you’d know from the car research section found at the bottom of every story on this site, we have a companion website called where you can research specs and equipment for every car on sale in Malaysia. We hope you’ve found this website useful in your car buying process so far.

Another feature of is the Car Market Value Guide, which you can use to check the current market value as well as original brand new price for cars sold in Malaysia dating back to the ’90s. You can use the values as a rough guide to sell your car or to decide what insured value to use when you renew your insurance. It’s powered by data from ISM Insurance Services Malaysia.

Sometimes the database has little gems of information, such as this – the new prices for two electric cars that were never launched to the public in Malaysia – the Renault Fluence ZE and the Renault Zoe.


There is a Fluence ZE at the TC Euro Cars showroom at Jalan Kemajuan, PJ. The full electric version of the C-segment Fluence sedan was registered when the government still had tax exemptions for CBU electric cars, so the RM144,917 price tag listed should be tax free. It’s quite a bit cheaper than the Nissan Leaf‘s tax-free price of just under RM170k.

The B-segment Renault Zoe is listed with a RM177,459 price tag, which is likely inclusive of tax, as it was introduced after the discontinuation of tax exemptions for CBU electric cars.

The Zoe is probably listed in the ISM database because a few units have been registered and insured by COMOS, the electric car sharing service run by ex-Proton MD Datuk Seri Syed Zainal. COMOS will lease companies a Zoe for RM4,500 a month, and the leasing fee is supposed to be eligible for double tax deduction.

You can play around with the car market value database. If you find any other interesting cars listed, do drop us a note in the comments.