Now here’s something that might excite or annoy you depending on where you stand on the spectrum of noise. Some individuals are inclined to believe that a car should make as much noise as possible while the rest believe that one should speak softly and carry a big stick.

It would appear that Infiniti believes in the former as the Hong Kong-based Japanese automaker has recently introduced a new Sport Muffler Kit for the Infiniti Q50 sports sedan. Applicable only to the 3.7 litre and hybrid versions of the Q50, the new system is said to “further enhance the driving experience by improving the aural notes of the sports sedan, while simultaneously reducing its overall weight by almost nine pounds (4 kg).”

To what extent, though, is anyone’s guess as Infiniti has not revealed solid numbers in regards to the supposed performance bump. The entire kit is fabricated from polished T-304 stainless steel and features the Infiniti tag stamped onto the exhaust tips.

No additional modifications are required as the existing gaskets can be reused. The Infiniti Q50 Sport Muffler Kit retails for US$681 (RM2,494) and is available for purchase at all Infiniti dealerships in the United States. Check out our review of the Infiniti Q50S 3.5 Hybrid here.

GALLERY: Infiniti Q50S 3.5 Hybrid driven