mercedes-benz pickup

Mercedes-Benz is finally going the pick-up route – the automaker has announced that it is developing a one-tonne mid-sized hauler to compete with the likes of Toyota, Ford and Volkswagen in the segment.

No timeframe has been mentioned for market deployment of the as-yet-unnamed offering, but reports have indicated that the company says it’s readying to build the vehicle in different markets around the globe within the next five years.

Previewed in dual-cab clay model form in Germany and also through an artist’s sketch, initial details have it that the truck will feature four- and six-cylinder engine options – the scope will undoubtedly include petrol/diesel configurations, rear- and four-wheel drive layouts and possibly even different cab options.

It will also cater to different customer bases – the automaker said that a luxury version, complete with leather interior and chrome accents/trim, is on the cards, but there’s also set to be a more utilitarian form (with a washable interior, no less) for traders and workmen big into the three-pointed star.

When it arrives, the Mercedes pick-up will take the fight to established players such as the Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger and Volkswagen Amarok. The company says that the pick-up will be sold in Europe and South America as well as Australia and South Africa, and added that there were no plans to introduce it in the US or Asian markets, so those of you who fancy the idea of a Benz pick-up will just have to leave it as that.