Spy-Shots of Cars

We’ve already featured spyshots of new BMW 7-Series quite a few times before, and we’ve even seen the car completely undisguised in some facility, but this is the first time we’re featuring what appears to be a 7-Series shod with an M Sport package on test.

Here’s a comparison of the front view – the regular car is on the left and the M Sport is on the right. Generally, M Sport cars use V-shaped central air intakes while true M cars use an inverted V instead.

We know this is an M Sport and not a true M7 because although the camo on the car makes it look like it could be an M7, look close enough and you’ll see a proper V shape behind the camo on the right.

On the rear, these two cars look similiar because of all the camo covering the rear bumper design, but if you look closely you’ll see a diffuser-like cutout on the bumper of the car on the right – that’s the M Sport model.

If this was a proper M7, we’ll probably be looking at quad tail pipes. So yes, no M7… yet?

GALLERY: Next generation BMW 7-Series spyshots

GALLERY: Next generation BMW 7-Series M Sport spyshots