Prototype units of the F30 3-Series LCI has dropped more of its camo in the recent few weeks, which points to the possibility of the car getting a global unveil soon. In fact, there have been reports lately that claim a reveal in the first half of May – we’re not sure how true that is, but we’ll keep our eyes and ears wide open.

The image above shows the design of the new front bumper quite clearly. As for the rear end, the tail lamps are pretty exposed, but it’s nothing we haven’t seen before as previous spyshots of the F30 LCI driving in the snow have already shown how the tail lamps look like lit up.

Spy-Shots of Cars

Our spy photographer also caught a unit wearing the M Sport front bumper on test. It actually doesn’t look very different from the pre-facelift M Sport, so BMW must be doing what they did with the F10 LCI – the M Sport bumper didn’t get any changes. But we do wonder what’s that plastic panel doing in the middle of the centre intake – could it be a cover for some kind of sensor?

There will probably be more changes under the hood of the F30 LCI than there will be on the exterior – the entire engine line-up is set to be refreshed. Word is there will be a new three-cylinder 1.5 litre turbo engine as well as new 2.0 litre and 3.0 litre engines for both petrol and diesel, the latter rumoured to be installed in a new 340i variant that replaces the 335i.

GALLERY: F30 LCI with regular bodykit

GALLERY: F30 LCI with M Sport bodykit