Amidst ever-tightening emissions regulations and market competition, Toyota and Mazda are set to deepen their existing technological partnership – the Nikkei reports that Toyota is considering providing fuel-cell and hybrid tech to Mazda, while Mazda will share its economical SkyActiv petrol and diesel engine technologies in return.

Sources apparently told the business daily that Mazda has been trying to develop fuel-cell vehicles on its own, but has now elected to bolster its relationship with Toyota, which makes the Mirai, the world’s first and only mass-market fuel-cell car.

In an attempt to speed up fuel-cell development and infrastructure, the Japanese giant has made over 5,000 patents related to its hydrogen fuel-cell tech available royalty-free until end-2020. Toyota, meanwhile, is set to utilise SkyActiv tech in some of its cars – reports indicate that the next-gen Yaris is set to use Mazda’s high-compression, direct-injection SkyActiv petrol engine as seen in the Mazda 2.

The Japanese publication reported that both automakers were looking at reaching an agreement on the expanded partnership soon. The report added that Toyota and Mazda officials said nothing has yet been decided.