You’ve no doubt heard a bit about the Audi virtual cockpit – a 12.3-inch TFT LCD behind the steering wheel that debuted on the third-gen Audi TT, and which negates the need for a central display, as well as mechanical analogue instruments.

Looks impressive even in photos, but here come videos from Audi UK and Audi Australia, showing the brilliant graphic, technological feast in action.

The driver can toggle between two viewing modes by pressing the View button on the steering wheel – in Infotainment mode, the rev counter and speedo retreat to the sides, letting a main window that displays navigation, phone and audio data take centre stage.

Classic mode sees a reversal of roles to the more traditional instrument panel layout – big rev counter and speedo, small window between them. Thanks to its built-in quad-core Nvidia Tegra 30 chip, the gauges are capable of refreshing at 60 frames per second, ensuring absolute precision.

Complementing the virtual cockpit is a new, much-simplified Multi-Media Interface (MMI) central control terminal. This comprises a big rotary controller with a touch-sensitive face for handwriting input, a button on either side, plus two toggles that activate navigation, telephone, radio and media menus.

But enough of us talking – watch the above videos to see for yourself how the thing works. Our RM285k Audi TT 2.0 TFSI Coupe has the virtual cockpit as standard, by the way.