Porsche Boxster Facelift Spy-02

Time for a facelift already? That was what we asked when these spyshots came into our inbox. It doesn’t feel that long, but the current third-gen Boxster was unveiled in January 2012, making it nearly three and a half years now. Both the original Boxster and the second-gen 987 had a lifespan of eight years, so yes, a refresh is due.

It’s going to be mild facelift, since the 981 isn’t broke by any means. This black test mule has stickers on the head and tail lamps, plus LED DRL stickers to mask the real and/or unconfirmed lights, a visual trick Zuffenhausen has used before. We’re expecting those to be changed for the facelift, along with possibly the bumpers. Cabin trim too, perhaps.

We’ve previously reported that turbocharged four-cylinder engines are coming to the Boxster and Cayman as early as next year, so both the facelift and new engines could be timed do debut together. Details remain sparse, but the flat-fours are said to be available in 2.0 litre and 2.5 litre forms and produce up to 400 PS.

Porsche Boxster GTS