porsche classic 911 dashboard

The good folk who came up with a new navigation radio for older Porsche 911s have come up with another gem – Porsche Classic has announced that it has recreated the dashboard of vintage 911s, and so owners of 1969 to 1975 models can now dress up their beaut with a new interior fascia.

The company says that it has come up with the part to serve collectors and aficionados of the 911 whose original dash isn’t holding up well to the ravages of time. The design of the new dash is faithful to the original, down to the details, though Porsche Classic has of course re-engineered the dashboard construction with the use of more robust materials of today.

Tucked underneath the modern substructure, however, is a faithful reproduction of the original surface structure – the fluted texture and tactile feel, gloss and degree of black are identical to the original, so it goes.

The Porsche Classic folk add that extensive testing conducted to modern standards translates to 100% fit precision and quality, even under harsh climatic conditions. In Germany, the dashboard retails for 952 euros (RM3,845).