Brabus Mercedes V Class-01

We’re surprised it took so long for Brabus to get their hands on the Mercedes-Benz V-Class, launched in February last year. Perhaps they had more exciting projects to work on, or perhaps the scope of work for this people carrier is larger than normal. Better late than never though, and the van is looking more VIP than ever with the Brabus treatment.

The usual applies, with engine tuning, an appearance package, Brabus’ famous wheels and an “individual entertainment concept” for the apartment on wheels.

In front, Brabus has added on attachments for the side air intakes, which can be complemented with auxiliary LED side markers and a front spoiler. A three-piece fairing was developed for the rear bumper – two side pieces accommodating four tailpipes, plus a centre diffuser-style piece. One can choose from four Brabus Monoblock alloys, with diameters of 18 and 19 inches.

To improve active safety (Brabus’ words, not ours) without compromising ride quality, the tuner developed special sports springs calibrated to the production shocks. They lower the ride height of the V-Class by about 15 to 25 mm depending on model.

Brabus Mercedes V Class-03

For those who want more speed for their brick, the PowerXtra D4 performance kit for the V 250 BlueTEC is a plug-and-play module that boosts figures by 45 hp and 70 Nm, for a new tally of 235 hp and 510 Nm from 1,400 and 2,400 rpm. 0 to 100 km/h is done in just 8.8 seconds while top speed is 210 km/h. Despite the added performance, fuel consumption remains unchanged, Brabus claims.

Inside, Brabus’ business/entertainment system consists of two 15.6-inch LCD screens, which fold out from the roof to display images from the Apple TV or blu-ray player. Sennheiser wireless headphones are provided, along with Internet via a WLAN router.

Touch pads integrated into the C-pillars can be used to operate the curtains, sliding doors, screens, reading lamps and seat heating.

Speaking of seats, the chairs are covered with a combination of Alcantara and soft, breathable Brabus Mastik leather, in whatever colour the owner desires. Wood trim or genuine carbon-fibre elements can be added to the cabin. As usual for Brabus, aluminum door-lock pins and pedal pads as well as scuff plates with backlit logos are available.