Car coins

A businessman in China bought a brand new luxury car in Shenyang yesterday. That may not sound all that interesting, but get this: he paid for the vehicle with RM393,500 (660,000 RMB) worth of coins!

Apparently, it took more than 10 staff members over an hour to move the large amount of cash into the car dealership. The coins were all rolled up into 1,320 bundles, weighed four tonnes and were over four metres tall when piled up.

The buyer, a petrol station operator, told CCTV News that he had collected the coins for over three months, from busses that stopped to refuel. “As our station is in the suburb, there are very few banks. Thus, we did not deposit and decided to use them to buy a car for our company,” he explained.

Reports say that the car dealership (a Toyota showroom, from the looks of it) was happy to accept the truck-load of copper coins. Sounds legit, no?