There’s something about being British that suits the character of a villain so well. Is it the accent? Is it the unflappable demeanour? Is it the old-world charm? Or is it… the cat?

You watch this dark commercial and be the judge – “It’s time for a change. A new plan needs a new boss. It’s time for something more surprising, more British, more Jaguar. Unleash the cat,” snarls actor Tom Hiddleston as he releases a sinister pack of Jaguar XEs into the wild, erm, we mean London’s streets.

Along the way, he manages to feed a bow tie to his pet big cat (presumably belonging to the old boss?), while his partner-in-crime Nicholas Hoult transforms an electronic F-Type blueprint into that of the XE with just a touch of the palm. Oh yes, it is good to be bad.

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