I’m sure quite a few of you will remember when Lotus pulled the covers off its CityCar concept – essentially a three-door Proton EMAS with unique exterior styling – at the 2010 Paris Motor Show. Back then, now-ousted CEO Dany Bahar told the press that a production version – tipped to be called the Lotus Ethos – was due to be introduced in October 2013.

Well, October 2013 has come and gone, and in the ensuing period, Proton’s version has morphed into today’s Iriz. How would a Lotus city car based on the national B-segment hatch look like, I hear you ask? Luckily, rendering expert Theophilus Chin was wondering the exact same thing, and envisioned what such a car would look like had the project lived to see the light of day.


To turn the Iriz into a Lotus, Theo gave it slimmer headlights, a more aggressive front fascia (complete with a carbon fibre lower grille!), a black roof, larger tailgate spoiler, slim horizontal (rather than vertical on the Iriz) tail lights, larger directional alloy wheels, and an aggressive rear diffuser with centre-exit exhaust (eagle-eyed readers will recognise the latter two from the Iriz R3 renders).

It’s surprising how close the styling of the Iriz mirrors the CityCar concept, sometimes even closer than with the EMAS. The undulating beltline (and the character line below it) matches almost perfectly, and even the “side blades” along the doors (coloured black here) are very similar to the ones on the Lotus. So, what do you think about this “Lotus-fied” Iriz?

Proton Iriz