Is the upcoming Proton Compact Car (PCC) an evolution of the Proton EMAS Concept from 2010 (below left)? Yes, it sounds a little far fetched as the finished article looks nothing like the first concept, but there’s more to it than it may first seem.

Bridging the two designs is the single sketch released of the updated and “productionised” version of the EMAS (below right), then simply called the Proton Global Small Car (GSC). Putting the three designs together, the connection becomes clearer to see, doesn’t it?

Certain elements of the bold Italdesign Giugiaro-penned EMAS have been carried over to the production version intact, though toned down, obviously.

The PCC’s downturned front air intake (highlighted in red), for instance, has a similar shape to that shown on the five-door EMAS. Another direct link is the “side blade” that runs across the lower half of the doors, which is present on all three iterations (yellow).

Less obvious, but notable nonetheless, is the upswept design of the car’s shoulder line. On the EMAS, there’s a steep dip before a dramatic climb towards the back of the car. Refined and toned down on the interim sketch, this line is present on the upcoming PCC (orange).

Also carried over from start to finish is the position of the rear wheels, which are pushed so far back to warrant a visible “bump” at the rear end (blue/cyan), no doubt to the benefit of interior space. So, for those asking for a production version of the EMAS Concept, well, looks like this is it :)