A new head-up display has been announced for the eighth-generation Volkswagen Passat B8, and what’s different about this one is that it projects all relevant data and alerts further along a driver’s field of vision as opposed to displaying it near-field.

The info shown on the 10 x 15 cm transparent slide-out display pane isn’t presented in the fashion as found on current HUD systems, but at a perceived distance two metres in front of the vehicle, a viewing depth VW says allows the driver’s eyes to remain focused on the road.

The automaker says the advantage of this added depth of field presentation is improved reaction time compared to projecting alerts into the driver’s immediate field of vision. Additionally, a driver doesn’t need to refocus so often from far-field to near-field vision.

Otherwise, the unit functions like any HUD, displaying speed and traffic sign info as well as the activity of the assistance systems and other functions, including navigation data and alerts, all offered at a 480 x 240 pixel resolution

The head-up display is activated by a separate control next to the rotary light switch. When not in use, the display disappears again – protected from dust – inside the dashboard. The Passat is the first VW model to get the new HUD, which is available as a 560 euro (RM2,320) option for the entire Passat range, from sedan and Alltrack to the GTE plug-in hybrid.

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