The Tesla Model X will have to shoulder plenty of responsibilities once it goes on sale next year, it would seem. Not only will it be the marque’s first crossover, it will also play an important role in helping to attract the attention of more female customers to the brand, according to Tesla Australia’s marketing and communications manager, Heath Walker.

While sales of the Tesla Model S have been positive so far, Walker admits that a majority of said sales have been attributed to a male-dominated customer base. “We’ve been heavily skewed towards the male demographic and I think that’s mainly due to probably [the media] more than anything,” he says.

“The people that read your press in terms of motoring and tech tend to be more male-skewed and they tend to be usually the ones who are on the cusp of new auto and tech news,” comments Walker. “But we’re starting to see a slight tip of the scales. It’s probably not the best indicator but I tend to use our Facebook audience as a measure for that and also our purchase data, and it’s starting to tip,” he adds.

Not to say that women were turned off from the idea of a Tesla in the very first place. The marque prides itself on offering a unique experience for potential customers, no matter their gender. “I think, generally speaking, purchasing a car previously has been a scary experience for some people, and we’re trying to remove that from the process,” Walker claims.


“We’re just like a store, like any retail store. You can come in, you can look at the vehicles, we do the education element, we hold special events and test drive events … we do retail displays. We’ve got a permanent one in Chadstone where the female market is, but also the male market, where they can casually be introduced to the vehicle,” he adds.

As for the car itself, the Tesla Model X is expected to be the fastest SUV in the world when it debuts next year with a total of three motor configurations on offer – a 60 kWh, 85 kWh and 85 kWh Performance option has been listed out. In case you’re wondering, yes – the Model X will arrive with the Model S’ “Ludicrous Mode” which promises a century sprint time of around 3.3 seconds.

Further evidence of Tesla’s confidence in the Model X is the fact that said crossover is already open for bookings in Australia. Prospective clients are required to put down a deposit of AU$6,000 (RM16,688) – keep in mind that Tesla has yet to reveal the production model along with its final specifications and prices. The latter is expected to mirror the Model S’ Australian starting price of AU$113,152 (RM314,714).