In what is quite a tragic end to a real-life Good Samaritan, ‘Route 29 Batman’, was hit by a car and killed on August 16 on highway in western Maryland, US.

Fifty-one-year-old Leonard B. Robinson had always visited hospitals, schools and charity events in his Batman outfit, and he routinely gave out expensive gifts and books to children who were battling serious diseases such as cancer and the like.

According to the New York Times, the police told the publication that Robinson was having engine trouble and had pulled over to look under the bonnet of his ‘Batmobile’, a custom-made Lamborghini.

Unfortunately, while he was standing on the car’s passenger side, which was still partially in the fast lane, an oncoming Toyota Camry sideswiped the car. Robinson was pronounced dead at the scene. The police said that the driver of the Camry was not injured and no files were charged against him.

route 29 batman

Robinson will always be best remembered by the dash cam video of him being stopped by police officers as his car had a ‘Batman’ plate and not official license plates. The police officers were amused by the whole encounter, and they didn’t hold him up or book him for any offence in order to ensure he got to an event at a local charity event at a hospital nearby.

According to the publication, Robinson made a sizeable fortune building a cleaning business that he later sold, and then started dressing up as the Dark Knight in 2001 to cater to his youngest son’s Batman obsession. Robinson was famously known as the ‘Route 29 Batman,” “Beltway Batman” and “Baltimore Batman”.

It is reported that he worked closely with Hope for Henry, a charity that plans superhero parties in hospitals. “Our superhero, Lenny B. Robinson, is gone,” the charity said on its Facebook page. “So, so sad.”

He’ll definitely be missed. R.I.P. Leonard B. Robinson. Here’s the video that made him a legend.