I was driving to work today and i met with a little incident that bother me. I have NO INTEREST in looking up who this person is. But just a lesson for everyone to see. At first, i tried to maneuver out to middle lane to left lane and failed to notice a purple myvi (BME 2278) that came in at a faster rate. i put up my hand as a sign of apology, then he attempted to crash into me. after that, another person driving a Toyota Unser was brake checked by this purple myvi. tyre screeching sound can be heard by unfortunately i muted my recorder. could this be determine as reckless driving? i have no interest at the moment but i would say to all Malaysian Drivers, drive safe. no need to prove your point that you are the Alpha drivers on the road. Some people might crashed from your (BME 2278) behaviour and attitude. but still, drive safe everyone.

Posted by Wilson Lim on Monday, 17 August 2015

We came across this video while browsing Facebook and its contents annoyed us to say the least. We suspect that you will be angered with the “performance” on display as well.

The subject of Wilson Lim’s dash cam video is an aggressive driver who wasn’t just moving fast on a busy urban road, but was threatening other motorists with his antics.

Lim was driving to work when he moved into the middle lane from the leftmost lane, without noticing a fast-approching purple Myvi. Lim claims that he put up his hand as a sign of apology, but it did not end there as most such situations do. Refusing to let the matter pass, the Myvi overtook Lim and swerved sharply into his lane. Revenge? We can see that it was a close shave but fortunately, there was no collision.

Unsurprisingly, the road bully didn’t manage to get far, and was blocked by a Toyota Hilux-Unser “tag team” down the road. After passing the Hilux on the outer lane, he immediately swerved left to brake check the Unser. We can’t hear it, but Lim reports tyre screeching as the cars brake. No coming together, luckily.

This particular road bully was caught on camera, but unfortunately there are more out there and many have come across such behaviour on the road. When faced with such intimidation, slow down, yield and do not attempt a duel no matter how tempting it is. Stay calm and drive safe, folks.