VIDEO saat cemas Unit Peronda PDRM (MPV) mengejar Lori yang baru dicuri. Dilarikan dari Sentul dan berakhir di Dengkil. Saspek turut melanggar 3-4 palang sebelum diberkas Polis. SYABAS! Unit MPV KL dari IPD Sentul dan dibantu MPV SL dari IPD Subang Jaya Balai Bukit Puchong. SALUTE untuk PDRM !!Lagi Video Like Facebook — Friends Of PDRM

Posted by Friends Of PDRM on Sunday, 23 August 2015

Miffed about not being able to watch high-speed police chases like you get in places like America? Well, now’s your chance to see our very own boys in blue in action in the video above, pursuing a stolen lorry in a lengthy chase from Sentul all the way to Dengkil.

The thief, reported by The Sun to be a foreigner with permanent residence status, was spotted by police patrolmen at around 1:40 am yesterday and was ordered to pull over, according to Sentul police chief ACP R Munusamay.

Defying orders, the suspect instead sped off on the Middle Ring Road II (MRR2) towards Sungai Buloh with the cops hot on his tail. The pursuers then called for reinforcements after their calls to stop were unheeded.

Now headed for Kelana Jaya and Puchong, the suspect crashed into civilian vehicles and police cars, hit traffic cones and nearly collided into several construction workers carrying out roadworks as he sped towards Sepang. With public safety clearly at risk, the police opened fire at the wheels of the lorry, puncturing all four tyres.

That didn’t stop our errant thief, however, as he continued driving until he crashed into toll barriers at the Dengkil interchange. The lorry finally came to a stop, but the suspect put up a violent struggle to evade the police, though he was arrested moments later. It was found that the suspect was under the influence of drugs.