Now how odd is this? Famed Italian design house Pininfarina has ventured into designing and building bicycles, together with Milan-based bicycle maker De Rosa. The outcome of the joint project is called the De Rosa SK Pininfarina – a lightweight racing bicycle made of carbon-fibre (frame, saddle and handlebar stem included) that weighs-in at just 6.7 kg.

A full carbon-fibre frame doesn’t seem like much to brag about? Well, get this – the high modulus carbon and fibres are actually processed by hand and with the help of an inner mold tooling system, which involves the use of 3D printing and special resin, ensuring ideal stiffness without sacrificing comfort and stability.

Of course, what would Pininfarina be if not for its styling expertise. The lines on the bicycle have been given much thought by the design firm, with the objective of keeping aerodynamic drag to a minimum. Additionally, the shape was developed with the help of a wind tunnel to further enhance its aerodynamic properties.

“Passion and design are the keywords of our collaboration. Design as a means to devise solutions that are innovative from the functional viewpoint and elegant in terms of aesthetics. The SK Pininfarina is a full embodiment of the values we share with De Rosa and the first result of what we hope will be a long-lived collaboration between our two companies,” said Group President Paolo Pininfarina.