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Proton has announced that it has ramped up production of the Persona to meet the increased demand in bookings. The company says it’s adjusting its production schedule of the car in Tanjung Malim, Perak, after the completion of some refurbishment and upgrading of the model’s production line in the plant.

Production of the car has been increased over the past few months to meet demands until end of the year. The automaker adds that it has increased dealer stocks nationwide, and the waiting period for the car presently stands at one month.

“Based on market feedback, we found that there is a steady demand for this type of sedan. Reflecting this demand, we are ramping up our production to meet the growing numbers after assembly of the car was halted due to refurbishment activities,” said Proton CEO Datuk Abdul Harith Abdullah.

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He added that that the drop of the Ringgit has also contributed to the increased demand for locally-made cars, and was pleased that more Malaysians were choosing the model as their preferred car due to its spacious size, moderate fuel consumption and low maintenance costs.

The Persona was launched in August 2007 and has since sold 265,882 units up to August 31 this year. It’s currently available in two variants, the Persona Super Value (SV) and Persona Executive.

We reported earlier that Proton is planning to release three new models next year, specifically the Saga, Persona and Perdana. It is believed that an Iriz-based “Saga” sedan might actually be the next Persona, so interesting times beckon for all Persona fans.