It would appear that whoever was responsible for raising this particular woman did a bad job – a really, really bad one. Most decent human beings would be pretty happy with a new article of clothing or even a watch for a gift, right? Not this woman from China, though. After receiving a brand new Audi Q3 from her boyfriend, the woman proceeded to demolish the SUV with a brick for being – get this – too small.

Of course, the entire incident was captured on video and has since gone viral. Apparently, the woman launched into an outbreak after getting into an argument with her boyfriend the same issue of it being too small – we’re still talking about the Audi Q3 here, ladies and gents.

Moving on, the woman continues to pummel her way through the SUV for the duration of the entire video before the police is shown arriving on the scene shortly towards the end of the video. The fate of the woman remains unknown but the Audi Q3 looks set to have received its fair share of damages with broken windows and missing side mirrors along with non-existent door handles.