Private vehicles caught offering Uber services will be blacklisted with respective owners then barred from renewing its road tax, according to a report by theSun. The English-language daily states that the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) has finally found a solution to the ongoing problem with illegal taxis without having to resort to undercover operations – or depending on traps set up by other taxi drivers.

“For example, after a certain private car has been identified from the digital log in the Uber app alongside solid evidence of video and photo of their operations, the authority will then send out a notice to the car owner to attend an ‘interview’ with the SPAD enforcement division,” a government source told the publication.

“They are also required to bring along the alleged cars for inspection,” added said source. The highlighted vehicles may then be subject to confiscation as a result of the violation of the Land Public Transport Act 2010. Should the owner fail to turn up his/her car, the commission will then “send out another notice and if there is still no response, SPAD will utilise all available channels to locate the private vehicle.”


The blacklisting process which, as mentioned, involves banning the owners from renewing the car’s road tax will executed in conjunction with the Road Transport Department (JPJ). “SPAD is using the same method that police employ to get traffic offenders to settle outstanding summonses,” said the source.

As to why this particular method was employed specifically on Uber operatives, a senior SPAD official commented that “this (the method) is due to the limitation in using the credit cards for Uber. Once a driver is nabbed, Uber will immediately blacklist the credit card of the passenger. This hampers our operations to nab more Uber drivers. But we will also apply this method for GrabCar soon.”

In a separate incident last week, a group of taxi drivers held another protest outside the headquarters of SPAD in Kelana Jaya. Said gathering saw the assembled drivers hand over a memorandum to the body. Since the start of 2015, The Star has reported that a total of 225 illegal taxis have been seized.