Here’s another very good reason as to why you should never, ever leave your car running whilst refuelling at a petrol station – a two minute-long video shot at what looks to be a petrol station (believed to have been located in Penang) has gone viral after it showed part of a Citroen catching fire at the pumps.

While details as to how the incident unfolded remain scarce, the accompanying caption states a warning on how easily petrol vapour can ignite – a single spark or a hint of static electricity is more than enough to cause an inferno, apparently. To the driver’s defence, the video showed no use of any mobile phones whatsoever.

We reckon it’s probably a stroke of bad luck mixed in with the aforementioned bits of static electricity discharged from an unknown source – still, one should never gamble in such a situation. Thankfully, the fire was put out before things got out of hand. Also, from the looks of it, no one was injured as the minute the flame sparked into life, the occupants of the Citroen rushed out and away from it.

Once again, ladies and gents, we’ll take this opportunity to remind you on the importance of not using your mobile phones and killing the engine whenever you refuel at a petrol station. Also, it should go without saying that cigarettes are a definite no-no.